JABbering Stooge

Monday, May 08, 2006

Request for Change of Venue filed

No, I'm not involved in any court proceedings. However, I AM considering changing the means of delivering my polemics. I have found Blogger/Blogspot to be too unreliable and too restrictive for me to use any longer.

Replacement blogging software candidates include bBlog, WordPress, and Blogsome (which, incidentally, is at least partially based on WordPress). Further suggestions/comments are appreciated, but I expect to make the decision sometime within the next week.

Once the decision is made, I will begin porting all my posts here to the new blog location and placing a forwarding URL in my blog here.

In the long term, I intend to use my m4d web development skillz to build my own blog from scratch, but that is going to wait until I can find someone with better graphic design skills than me to help me out. This move will have to do until then.

We've moved! Check out the new site here!