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Monday, April 03, 2006

In wingnuttia

The fine folks at Sadly, No! (2005 Koufax Award runner-up for Most Humorous Blog) bring us this choice bit of wingnuttery from the pen keyboard of Fred Hutchison over at Alan Keyes' asylum of whackjobs and conspiracy theorists known as "Renew America." I thought that I would add a few comments of my own.

First off, a bit of hypocrisy on the part of Herr Huchison:

Homosexuals are difficult to categorize and analyze

They're difficult to categorize and analyze? Yet here you are, "categorizing and analyzing" them (though "caricaturing and demonizing" would be more accurate).

Secondly, regarding his "7 Steps to Become T3h 3vil!", all seven steps apply to Reich-wingnuts to varying degrees:

1) The first floor down into the darkness involves denial that one is a sinner.

The Christo-Fascist Zombie Brigade (© 2004-2006 Marc Maron) is guilty of this one 24/7. They believe that simply because they and they alone "follow Christ," they are without sin.

2) From the stage-one denials, the journey into darkness proceeds downwards to a second denial--the denial that evil exists.

The right denies that evil exists on the right - that's the exclusive property of lefties.

3) Then comes the descent into the delusion that those who fight evil are themselves evil.

This goes hand-in-hand with the above: because they delude themselves into believing that only lefties are t3h 3vil!!!1!, "libruls" are evil for opposing evil on the right.

4) Next comes the hatred of those who fight evil.

See LGF, FreeRepublic, RedState.com, etc.

5) The fifth floor down into darkness is to believe--or to be willing to tell the lie--that evil things are good, and good things are evil.

Things the right calls good: Torture, killing abortion providers, killing homosexuals, killing liberals, killing Muslims, pollution, etc.

Things the right calls evil: Being homosexual, women being anywhere other than barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, being a liberal, being a non-Christian, etc.

6) The sixth stage is to hate the victims of evil or to hate those whom the good guys are protecting.

See Pope Benedict Arnold I on the child abuse scandal. See also the vilification of the ACLU for their defense of homosexuals.

7) The seventh stage of evil is serial killing, terrorism, and genocide.

Three words: The Bush Doctrine.

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