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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Sadly, No! post

I've recently become a fan of the fine folks at Sadly, No! I've even left comments there on occasion. So I thought it might be a good idea to share with you some thoughts I had on a couple of posts there.

First, there was this post about the Jyllands-Posten cartoon controversy. Responding to a report that a Pakistani cleric had offered a $1 million bounty (paging Dr. Evil!), Brad R. lays this gem on us:
Y'know, as much as I bitch about the Christian Right in this country, at least they don't do shit like this

残念ですが、それじゃねェ~ぞ! (In case you're wondering, the Japanese roughly translates as "Sadly, No!")

The other bit that I wanted to write about was the hilarious fisking of Michael Westfall's extra-crispy bucket of right-wingnuttery about Willie Nelson's musical tribute to Brokeback Mountain. I want to point out this line in particular:
We are handing our youth over to this anti-family smut on a silver platter without even a fight!

Yeah, that's right! Christians are just bending over and taking it up the rear, alright! Why they'd never dictate to America what belief system to follow or what books are verboten or what science is allow...oh wait.

Okay, so maybe right-minded Christians would tell you what you can and can't think, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'd try, by legislative fiat or force of arms, to insert government into a woman's uter...oh wait.

Okay, so maybe conservative Christians would tell you what you can believe and read and would relegate women to brood-mare status, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'd go around beating the living daylights out of homosexuals, blowing up gay bars or protesting military funerals because of America's "acceptance" of the "gay agenda," or even walk into a gay bar in Massachusetts and, upon finding out that it is indeed a gay bar, start shooting up the pla...oh wait.

Okay, so maybe fundamentalist Christians would order you to think and believe as they do, belittle women and generally terrorize people whose sexual orientaitons they don't like, but it's not like they'd stockpile warehouses full of munitions and WMDs with fake DoD/UN credentials in preparation for the day when they righteously smite the evildoers in their...oh wait.

Just out of curiosity, Mr. Westfall wouldn't happen to be armed, would he? If so, maybe we can get Homeland Security, the Pentagon and the NSA to stop wasting their time on Quakers, vegans and those who pay more than the minimum on their credit card bills and go after some real terrorists.

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