JABbering Stooge

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fun with semantics

While we're adding entries to the Wingnut Debate Dictionary (They can debate? News to me.), allow me to add a couple of my own:

1.)The Liberalcaust: eliminationist rhetoric that blames The Left for all the problems of the world from The Fall of Man to male impotence and suggests that the only way to set things right (in more ways than one) is to "kill all the liberals." Also known as "The Final Solution to the Liberal Problem."

2.)Liberalenfrei: the state of the world after the Liberalcaust is implemented.

3.)Ignoratio Hovindi: the tendency to claim you're going to give a particular argument against evolution before going off on wild tangents that have nothing to do with the argument you're trying to make, interspersed with creationist book-hawking. From Hovind, Kent.

4.)Plurium Hovindum: the tendency, both written and oral debate, to offer without proof multiple rapid-fire assertions in the hopes that the respondant won't have enough time to answer all of them, making the arguer the winner by default. Also known as "Cheney's Shotgun" or "The Gish Gallop." From Hovind, Kent.

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