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Monday, March 20, 2006

As Glenn Reynolds would say: "Heh."

I was amused by a letter to the editor in the yesterday's edition of the Austin American-Statesman (unfortunately, it was only in the dead-trees version, not the online version). It went thusly:
Follow the leader

Re: William Rusher's March 16 column, "Throwing in the towel":

Rusher concedes that our invasion of Iraq was based on faulty intelligence; that the administration's occupation strategy was flawed; that William Buckley's assessment of Bush's failure "may" be correct; and that terrorist bombings and sectarian violence constitute bad news.

But Rusher suggests that we ignore bad news. After all, factual events are only reported because journalists hate Bush. Failure in Iraq will not be caused by lack of leadership, but only because of Americans' unwillingness to support that lack of leadership. President Bush is Buzz Lightyear, and we are expected to follow him to infinity...and beyond.


Certainly puts a new spin on that codpiece-enhanced flight suit that Bush wore on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, doesn't it?

Indeed. (And disturbing, if true.)

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