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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Senator Nikita Krushchev (R - SC): "We will bury you"

To hear the Kool-Aid™-drinkers tell it, Senator Lindsey Graham Nikita Krushchev (R - SC) "highlighted the exaggerated absurdity" of the "mean-spirited" Democrats and their presumption that they had the right to ask questions of Bush's Litmus Test-Approved nominee, Judge Sam Alito.

In channeling the former Soviet Union leader, Graham said, "I’ll just tell you right now we welcome that debate on our side...We’ll clean your clock."

Allow me to run that by you again, for full effect:

The only thing that was missing was the completely unhinged banging of the South Carolina senator's genuine fake leather footwear on the table.

Naturally, in an attempt to justify their massive circle-jerk wankery over anything less than an "up-or-up" vote over the Alito nomination, conservatives will inevitably cite the elevation of Clinton appointees Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer, claiming that because Republicans "rolled over" for these two, Democrats should sit down, shut up and forget about things like "checks and balances" and "advise and consent" - only Republicans are allowed those things.

Yes, that's right, to be a good conservative these days, you have to believe that every single Clinton appointee was always given timely hearings and that the vote was always 100-0 in favor of confirmation. (Jesse "Senator No" Helms? Who's he? Senator Hatch abused the "blue slip" rule? Pshaw! That's another "librul" lie!)

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