JABbering Stooge

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Your vote is your voice (if Diebold allows it)

Today's the big day. I want to encourage all readers to get out and vote. I encourage all to vote his/her conscience, but if you want my advice, here is how I would vote:

  • California: Vote AGAINST any proposition supported by Gov. Schwarzenegger.

  • Texas: Vote AGAINST Proposition 2.

  • Maine: Vote AGAINST the referendum to repeal the state's anti-discrimination legislation.

  • New Jersey: Send Jon Corzine to the governor's mansion.

  • Virginia: Ditto for Tim Kaine.

  • Ohio: Vote FOR the amendment to create a bipartisan commision to draw congressional districts and to oversee elections.

If all these things come to pass, we have a decent shot at taking back this country from the thugs who have hijacked it.

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