JABbering Stooge

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Racists, religious nuts unite to bash gays

In any sane universe, a KKK endorsement would doom any political cause. But in the Bizarro World that is Texas, it can only help to bring out the GOP's theofascist base in droves to vote for it - dollars to doughnuts they think the Klan's endorsement of Proposition 2 is some nefarious "librul plot to allow the queers to recruit our kids into a Satanic lifestyle."

Fortunately, humor columnist John Kelso has just the antidote - reenact that scene from Braveheart where the Scots moon the English.

Incidentally, the web site that Kelso points readers to is here.

UPDATE (11/6/05): It seems that I was a bit prescient in my prediction that Prop. 2 supporters would see KKK support as a "librul plot." My brother, who hates all things liberal, said as much after watching last night's news report on the KKK rally.

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