JABbering Stooge

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Punch-drunk on DeLay's Kool-Aid

In case you were wondering what the local Freeperati were up to in the aftermath of the DeLay indictment, they were busy writing letter-length screeds standing up for their boy who, in their eyes, walks on water and can do no wrong. The complete sludge is available here.

In the eyes of these people, a Republican could be caught on video tape molesting both a dog and a toddler, and it'd be O.K. - they'd either be claiming that the video was forged by evil "libruls" or that the dog and toddler were terrorists bent on doing evil and needed to be taught a lesson (besides, they'd claim, the Geneva Conventions don't apply because they say so). But if a Democrat so much as jaywalks, they'll call for his head. No wonder why the congressional Republicans tried to change their own ethics rules so that DeLay could keep his leadership position - under the cover of post-election wrap-up, no less (thankfully, the public outrage forced them to 86 the idea).

Has it become any clearer yet why the thugs in charge need to be voted out in '06?

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