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Friday, October 07, 2005

Freedom has struck an iceberg and is taking on water

A couple of examples of recent stories about how the right wing is flushing freedom down the toilet for your perusal.

Albertsons to customers: You're too stupid to decide for yourself what magazine content is appropriate.

Acting on orders from the Religious Reich, or perhaps worried about losing the fundamentalist dollar for not having Bible displays every five feet, the Albertsons chain of grocery stores has pulled the October issue of Seventeen from its shelves because...wait for it...an article tried to teach young girls the basics of keeping their nether regions healthy!

The article in question, "Vagina 101" contained an illustration of female genitalia, labeling the various parts that make up a woman's reproductive organs, accompanied by two pictures of live vaginas with the caption "These are normal," in an effort to help girls learn to identify signs that they might need to see a gynecologist pronto.

But the facts don't matter to the Puritans among us who don't want anyone to be able to make rational decisions about the health of their reproductive organs. I just wish that Albertsons wasn't so quick to bend over and drop their collective pants for the "Theocracy NOW!" crowd.

Worse, Albertsons doesn't seem to care about the vast majority of the rest of their customer base, arrogantly declaring that they and they alone have the right to determine what you may buy. Fine, but we the people will send you packing by refusing to do business with fascist companies like yourself.

They won't be losing any business from me because I don't shop there to begin with - the company I work for is so much better in every way. But any readers of this blog who shop at Albertsons would be wise to reconsider. (I have readers? HA! That's rich!)

Albertsons' actions are also sorely lacking in consistency. If they were actually serious about getting "explicit" images and text out of their stores, they would also drop Cosmopolitan, FHM, Redbook, etc.

Finally, I have to agree with the following sentiment from a fellow blogger:

Let's see - teen pregnancy continues to be an issue, teen access to birth control is increasingly difficult, and teen STD rates are on the rise. Cutting off access to a fluffy teen magazine offering a vaginal owners manual solves these problems...how?

Imagine, all this over some "graphic content."

Hey Albertsons, I've got your "graphic content" right here!

Southwest Airlines decides it can do without liberal money

This comes from the McPaper. Read it and weep for our democracy. Let me point out a couple of salient paragraphs.

"I have cousins in Iraq and other relatives going to war," she said. "Here we are trying to free another country and I have to get off an airplane in midflight over a T-shirt. That's not freedom."

But wait, it gets worse.

Heasley said no one from Southwest said anything about the shirt when she waited two hours near the gate at Los Angeles International Airport. And neither the pilot, nor other crewmembers, said anything when she boarded the aircraft, Heasley added.

After the plane stopped in Reno at noon Tuesday, she and her husband, Ron, moved to the front of the plane. Passengers began complaining about the T-shirt as they boarded.

So they kick her off the plane in Reno thanks to the bullying of a bunch of thugs. But here's the money shot:

Before leaving the plane, she said she was told the airline would reimburse her for the tickets for the last leg of the flight. After they got off the plane, they were told they'd be reimbursed only for the taxes on the tickets. McInnis said customer services officials are looking into the matter.

That's right, not only do they bend over for fascist thugs, but then they rub salt on the wound by flat-out lying to Mrs. Heasley about restitution for their rudeness and utter disrespect. You'd think that in at a time when the airline industry is really struggling - two major arilines filed for bankruptcy in the last month - they'd be trying to get all the revenue they can scrounge up. They simply can't afford to effectively declare that only "Patriotically Correct" money is legal tender.

Freedom is on the march...RIGHT OVER A CLIFF!

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