JABbering Stooge

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Another thing about DeLay

Beneath all the well-established talking points about the DeLay indictment - all of which are debunked at Think Progress - perhaps the most bizarre is the one that doesn't get so much press coverage.

The claim is that Earle is so partisan that he even goes after conservative Democrats - the only opposition to liberal Democrats in the "dark" days before DeLay "saved" Texas from "librul oppression." (See the comments at UrbanGrounds on the subject for a repetition of the "shout down a liberal point")

DeLay's defenders are trying to have it both ways with this claim, because during the whole redistricting fiasco, the oft-repeated claim made by those supporting the gerrymandering was that Democrats had legislated Republicans out of politics for over 130 years - something that simply wasn't true. But then, since when was consistency something right-wingers valued?

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