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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Epistles from the Reality-Challenged Zone

Yep. We have plenty of right-wingers even here in "The People's Republic of Austin." As much as the Austin American-Statesman shills for Bush and the GOP, they can't tilt far enough rightward for these folks.

Let's look at a few of these Emmy winners, shall we?

The real dividers

Liberals continually refer to President Bush as a "divider" as opposed to a "uniter."

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, virtually every state ( red and blue ) in the United States offered up personnel, money, food, supplies, shelter, etc. in a truly unified effort.

Yes, but the contributions of the blue states wasn't enough for some people, was it?

However, the standard bearers of the liberals — Sens. Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and the media, including Ben Sargent locally — offered up the usual criticism and blame and, per the norm, no solutions.

Actually, we have offered solutions. The problem is that neither the "librul" media nor the Republicans in charge want to do anything other than denigrate the solutions as "evil communism."

So, one more time, the real "dividers" of this country have stood up again with nothing of substance to offer.

So advocating that enforcement of the Bankruptcy Bill be delayed, if not indefinitely enjoined against, for the victims of the hurricane is "standing up with nothing of substance to offer?" Demanding that pork be cut out of the Transportation Bill in light of the disaster is "standing up with nothing of substance to offer?" Insisting that the oil companies not gouge consumers (something that even Megalomanaical Phone Sex Enthusiast Bill O'Reilly has suggested) is "standing up with nothing of substance to offer?" Well, you know the old adage: "Better to keep silent and let people think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Louisiana and New Orleans have been controlled by Democrats for more than a century. One would think that Louisiana would be the poster-child for the Democratic Party. Sadly, it is.

Oh, this is rich - you're complaining about "dividers with nothing of substance to offer," yet here you are BEING A DIVIDER WITH NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE TO OFFER! What a riot!



What a DICK.

Bush unfairly criticized

I would like to remind your readers that President Bush did not create Hurricane Katrina.

No more so than Clinton's Almighty Penis created Hurricane Katrina, as you right-wingers are so desperate to prove.

It was not an intricate ploy by the Bush administration to divert attention from the war. It was not an evil plot to destroy this predominately black city by "the man." Bush did not build the levees. He did not force people to live in the below-sea-level city. This disaster was an act of God.

Gee. With all those strawmen, I could build quite a bonfire.

Are we holding Bush accountable for Katrina because he is a Christian and a servant of God? Sometimes I wonder if he is being persecuted because of his religion.

Ahh, yes. The old persecution complex that crops up about every five seconds from religious conservatives. Just because we aren't gassing all the Muslims, homosexuals, and liberals does not mean that Christians are being thrown to the lions, if you'll pardon the mixed metaphor. In fact, I think you'll find that liberal Christians would take offense that you presume to speak for them.

Some in our country will use any excuse to attack our president — even this devastating situation.

This from the side of the aisle that uses the victims of 9/11 every waking moment to slander anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest as unpatriotic America-haters.

"Use any excuse to attack our president," you say? I wonder who was blaming Clinton for everything from 9/11 to sunspots to male impotence for the last decade (even the periods when Clinton wasn't president).

I am disgusted that they have chosen to take advantage of these innocent victims again by placing all the blame for the devastation in New Orleans on Bush. Perhaps they should turn their attention away from Bush and focus on God. After all, God is the one who controls the wind and the waves.

To quote a certain cartoon moron, "Are you threatening me?"


Round Rock

And then we have this latest missive from Right Wing World:

The real 'deep secret'

Journalist after journalist has righteously proclaimed that Katrina exposed the "deep secret" of America and its shame.

The real secret that was exposed is what happens to a people after decades in a liberal city run by Democrats.

Exposed is what happens to children who grow up deprived of an education from a school system in which more than 70 of the 120 or so schools are rated as failing abysmally, while often receiving twice the money as superb private schools.

Exposed is what happens when 60 percent of all the children born are born to unwed mothers. Exposed is what happens to a city when criminal justice breaks down, the murder rate is 10 times the national average, and law-abiding people who provide much of the tax base move out in fear.

Exposed is what happens to a people when a liberal government promises to take care of their every need so that city becomes one of the largest, most economically dysfunctional welfare cities in the United States.



So, Dick, what was that about only Democrats being "dividers with nothing of substance to offer?"

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