JABbering Stooge

Monday, August 08, 2005

Peter Jennings - End of an era

Last night, the sun set on an era of television journalism. Peter Jennings, who has been in failing health since being diagnosed with lung cancer in April, has passed away.

Jennings, along with Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather, formed a triumvirate of nightly news broadcasting that I quite literally grew up around. Around our household, we'd tune in to one of the big three networks to get our dose of news for the day. And now, with Brokaw retired, Rather bullied into submission by the rabid right, and Jennings' death, it feels like a chapter has closed on American history - an era of honest journalism. Today's news media is more like a propaganda arm of the GOP. They buried the Jeff Gannon story and virtually ignored Traitor-gate until recently, and during the previous administration, gleefully jumped on even the flimsiest story if it meant trouble for The Big C. Thus it seems particularly salient that Jennings, the last honest journalist, has ridden off into the proverbial sunset, simultaneously sunsetting any semblance of a free press.

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