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Thursday, August 25, 2005

A new double standard

Gag me with a spoon on this one. MSRNC is reporting that Sami Habbas, a Palestinian-American who served his country in the U.S. Army, received a credit card offer from JPMorgan Chase & Co. that began with three words: "Dear Palestinian Bomber."

A cursory glance at the article reveals the following:

The information came from a list Chase purchased from a vendor, said Kelly J. Presta, Chase Card Services executive vice president. Chase Card Services, the Delaware-based credit card line of JPMorgan Chase & Co., said it doesn’t know how that name was attached to Habbas’ address but it is investigating.

In other words, JPMorgan Chase goofed by trusting the accuracy of a third-party spam list. GREAT JOB, GUYS! Naturally, this implies that someone with a serious bug up their posterior about the Arab/Muslim community punk'd Mr. Habbas. As to who might've done it, I'd look over at the hatriots over at (Moslems)FreiRepublic, who wasted no time dragging the poor fellow through the mud rhetorically.

There were several "jokes" about stereotypical Palestinian "terrorists:"

tsk tsk..

It was supposed to go to Palestinian Baby Boomer,, not Bomber
1 posted on 08/24/2005 3:13:31 PM PDT by NormsRevenge

To: NormsRevenge

But isn't that an honor in Islamic culture?

3 posted on 08/24/2005 3:18:37 PM PDT by thoughtomator (Hey Senator! Leave those kids alone!)

To: NormsRevenge

"The Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C., called the letter "racially insensitive." In a letter sent to Chase, the Muslim civil liberties group asked for an investigation and a formal apology."

- Had this guy actually been a bomber, CAIR would have called him a martyr. Ironic isn't it?

8 posted on 08/24/2005 3:26:46 PM PDT by Tempestuous

To: NormsRevenge

"I told them, 'I'm not Mr. Bomber, I'm Mr. Jihadist! Mr. Bomber lives two houses down from me.'"

14 posted on 08/24/2005 3:39:46 PM PDT by WestVirginiaRebel (Idiots and the Internet don't mix, no matter how hard Michael Moore tries.)

To: NormsRevenge
Habbas/ Hammas --I can see the confusion.
15 posted on 08/24/2005 3:47:16 PM PDT by Rakkasan1 (DON'T BICKER, DRINK LIQUOR-DON'T THINK, JUST DRINK.)

To: NormsRevenge
"I thought it was a joke or something," he said. "I'm very sad - devastated."

Why is everybody always "saddened", "hurt", and "devastated"? For the love of God, doesn't anybody ever just get pissed off anymore? I would have had a lot more respect for this guy if he had just said, "This insult really pissed me off". Of course, he'd probably end up saying "These infidels have made me so mad I could just explode."
19 posted on 08/24/2005 4:07:57 PM PDT by fr_freak

To: NormsRevenge

I don't get the problem. Is he not Palestinian?

23 posted on 08/24/2005 5:01:05 PM PDT by SampleMan

But the most egregious of the "Arabs/Muslims = Terrorists" posts was this gem by vox humana:
To: NormsRevenge

The Department of Homeland Security should have the same mass mailing software that J P Morgan Chase & Co. used to generate the Palestinian Bomber's address. Just think how easy it would be to locate all the terrorists!

22 posted on 08/24/2005 4:38:55 PM PDT by vox humana

Excuse me while I .

But that's not the worst of it. The Rush Limbaugh "Why should Blacks be heard? They're 12% of the population. Who the hell cares." Contingent made itself known in this post:

To: Tempestuous

Why does anyone care what CAIR thinks? Aren't they just another watchdog group? What are they going to do declare a boycott? It's not like hardcore Islamics make up a sizable econonomic block in the U.S.

11 posted on 08/24/2005 3:33:57 PM PDT by Borges

Finally, the double-barf moment: A Freeper delcares that Mr. Habbas doesn't know the meaning of the word "discrimination."

To: SoCal Pubbie

Hey, Pali: a lot of Jewish widows, widowers (I'm one) and orphans are saddened and devastated too. For far more terrible reason than your self-absorbed self.

7 posted on 08/24/2005 3:26:20 PM PDT by elcid1970

Look, numbskull, the Nazi pogroms against Jews started in exactly the same way that you and your ilk are smearing every single Arab and/or Muslim as a terrorist. Why that doesn't seem to bother you is something you ought to have checked out with a professional.

Which leads me to my main point. In today's political environment, it's okay for these holier-than-thou types to smear, slander and stereotype an entire Middle Eastern ethnic/religious community, yet if I were to post this

in response to Pat Robertson's nutty remarks about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, I'd be called an evil, terrorist, traitor, anti-Christian, Spawn-of-Satan, lesbian, Nazi hooker who has been abducted by aliens and forced into weight-loss programs by these very same people!

And by the way, it isn't just Arabs and/or Muslims that the Freeperati Pogroms have been activated against, either. Liberals are also being targeted.

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