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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

GOP "Christians Only" Jihad Continues

This story was covered in today's New York Times (registration required). (Incidentally, if you don't want go through the registration process for most of the news web sites, check out BugMeNot.com.)

As Bush prepares to ram his ultra-conservative nutjob onto the Supreme Court, the religious thugs who have hijacked the GOP prepare another pandering photo-op to rally support for said nominee. According to the article, headliners for the theofascist thugs' "Just Us Sunday II" include the ever-sleasy Tom "I AM the federal government" DeLay, Zell "It's my governorship and I'll embezzle if I want to" Miller, Watergate felon Chuck Colson, James "Embryonic Stem Cell Research = Holocaust" Dobson and Bill "Gays should apologize for just existing!" Donohue.

Further down, you find that one of the attendees, Pat "Let's Nuke the State Department" Robertson, is wishing for the death/retirement of more Supreme Court justices - specifically, the left-leaning justices.

In related news, Puss'n Boot Hill Frist has been disinvited from "Just Us Sunday II" for not goosestepping to the theofascist drumbeat.

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