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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More on Traitor-gate: GOP shoots the messenger...AGAIN!

Those of you who were watching Beat the Press on July 17 saw Tim Russert limply try to extract from GOP spokesman Ken Mehlman a promise that the GOP would respect (Republican) federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's decision, even if it meant indictments for those involved in Traitor-gate. I think that now it should be obvious why Mehlman danced around the issue: the Rethuglican attack dogs have come out in force to smear not only Fitzgerald, but also former CIA agent (and also a Republican) Larry Johnson, who gave the Democratic Radio address over the weekend.

According to the Brad Blog, both Jeffy Lube and Gary Schmitt of the Project for the New American Century were first out of the gate to attack Johnson with near verbatim recitation of the new talking point that...um...Johnson had a "9/10 mindset" regarding terrorism.

Unfortunately, this doesn't help the right, since all one has to do is look back a few years to see who was really interested in fighting terrorism, and who was more interested in rooting around inside the President's zipper and sniffing the First Lady's panties (Okay - shameless self-promotion, I know - I'm sorry).

Meanwhile, Fitzgerald's investigation is itself being investigated by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Now why on earth would the Republican-dominated Senate Select Committee on (Lack of) Intelligence want to probe someone who is investigating treason on the part of a Republican administration? Something stinks to high heaven here.

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