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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Hill: Abramoff duo quits U.S.

This is interesting. According to The Hill (yes, I know, I just got done complaining about their preferential treatment of Bush, but this is important news that even AMERICAblog has yet to report on), Sam Hook and his wife, Shana Tesler, two of embattled DeLay associate Jack Abramoff's fellow lawyers from his days at Greenberg Traurig have fled the country, deciding that Israel looked rather nice this time of year.

Although their attorney, Alyza Lewin insists that "Pursuant to longstanding plans that predate any investigation, Shana Tesler and Sam Hook have relocated to Israel" and that "One thing had nothing to do with the other," one can't help but wonder if this had something to do with their decision:

Former White House counsel Lanny Davis said that the pair’s relocation could hamper the Justice Department investigation because it would be harder to enforce subpoenas abroad.

"Whether you are able to enforce a subpoena in a foreign country depends upon specific treaty commitments," Davis said, "but in general the answer is no... Even if you could try to enforce it through a treaty, it would be extremely difficult."

Well gee, isn't that conveeenient?

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