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Monday, July 18, 2005

"Christian" Love - GOP Pharisee-style

Before we dive into a special edition of what Stephanie Miller refers to as "Right Wing World," I would like to add a brief disclaimer. Notice that the word "Christian" is in quotes, and that I refer to them as "Pharisees" - as I believe that the theocrats who have hijacked the GOP are actually undermining the message of a certain Nazarene carpenter, rather than promoting it as they claim. In particular, I'd like to focus on a couple of recent remarks that made the news cycle.

Unrepentant Rudolph Issues Pro-Terrorism Rant

From the AP wire via MSRNC:

Defiant serial bomber gets expected life term
Injured nurse wishes death sentence on convicted abortion clinic attacker

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - An unrepentant Eric Rudolph declared Monday that abortion must be fought with "deadly force" as a judge sentenced him to life in prison for setting off a remote-controlled bomb at an abortion clinic that killed an off-duty police officer and maimed a nurse.


"What they did was participate in the murder of 50 children a week," he said, shackled at the ankles and wearing a red jail uniform. "Abortion is murder and because it is murder I believe deadly force is needed to stop it."

Assuming his life sentence came with the option for parole, the above two bolded sentences ought to make any parole board worth its salt say "No parole for you! Come back, one year!" as it indicates that, should he ever be released back into society, he would be a likely repeat offender.

So tell me, why haven't Mullah Falwell, Ayatollah Robertson, Imam Dobson and the rest of the American Inquisition issued a fatwa against this unrepentant terrorist? Do they, by their silence, embrace religious terrorism as readily as they claim that each and every last Muslim supposedly embraces terrorism?

(Haraz Ghanbari/AP file photo courtesy of MSNBC)

Unrepentant terrorist Eric Rudolph smirks as he contemplates the many "abortionists" and "fags" he'll get to murder the instant some moronic parole board sets him free.

Colorado Rethuglican Declares Jihad Against Muslims

As I'm sure you've probably read from AMERICAblog by now, Congressman Tom Tancredo (R - CO) told Florida talk radio host Pat Campbell that if Al-Qaeda or any other Muslim extremist group nukes us, we should play tit-for-tat and "take out their holy sites" (i.e., Mecca).

You know, it's bad enough that we're turning our military into an arm of the theocrats who have hijacked the GOP, but nutty statements like this only serve to convince the Arab/Muslim world that we really have declared jihad against them. Not that that matters to the Ann Coulters of the world...

Welcome to Bizarro World America - Where Muslims are the New Jews...

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