JABbering Stooge

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bow-Tie Carlson not up to speed on fatwas

Last night on MSRNC's The Situation with Tucker Carlson, Carlson was interviewing Sabiha Khan of the Council on American-Islamic Relations regarding a California National Guardsman's viciously anti-Muslim flyer. In the interview, Carlson had this to say about the Muslim world's opinion of Osama bin Forgotten:

CARLSON: OK, OK, well, to some extent, I think you're right. That reminds me of a fascinating column by Tom Friedman the other day in the “New York Times” in which he pointed out that no Muslim group in the world -- and I think you researched this—has issued a fatwa against Usama bin Laden yet.

I guess that in the minds of Carlson and Thomas Friedman, the Spanish imams who issued a fatwa against bin Forgotten on the one-year anniversary of the Madrid train bombings don't count as "a Muslim group."

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