JABbering Stooge

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Everybody's gotta have a hobby...

If you've been reading my blog lately, you can kind of guess that one of my little addictions is Japanese animation (anime). Anime has developed a bit of a cult following here in America, much like, say, Star Trek, Star Wars, or Babylon 5. Commensurate with this, several conventions devoted to anime fandom have been organized. So, being the anime fan that I am, I am planning on going to one such convention, A-kon 16, in Dallas on Saturday with a couple of friends who are also anime fans.

Interestingly enough, Austin has its own anime convention, Ushicon, that usually takes place on the last weekend of January. Thus far, I have been to three of the last four Ushicons, but this will be my first trip to A-kon, one of the largest anime conventions in the country. Should be fun. I'll make sure to get some choice pics and post them to the blog. :-}

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