JABbering Stooge

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Do you really need to ask?

MSRNC has as today's poll "Do you agree with the jury's verdict against Edgar Ray Killen?" - as if that needed to be asked. Yet, strangely enough, it seems that it did need to be asked, because at the time I voted (MSRNC, unlike CNN, forces you to vote in order to see the results), 17% said "No" and 8% voted "Can't decide." Makes you wonder who those 17% are...

But what's worse, that's not how the question is presented on MSRNC's frontpage: the link reads "Was the Edgar Ray Killen verdict fair?" It's as if MSRNC is invoking the Michael Savage defense of the Serbs to play up sympathy for Killen.

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