JABbering Stooge

Friday, April 22, 2005

General Pace: downplaying torture and religious insanity in the military

CNN broke the story that President Bush has nominated Marine General Peter Pace to replace Air Force General Richard B. Myers as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This is a man who downplayed the military's slow reaction to the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Incidentally, he also defended General William G. "God told us to nuke those evil Muslims" Boykin, saying: "He [Boykin] mentioned to me how sad he was that his comments created the fury they had" and that "He does not see this battle as a battle between religions, he sees this as a battle between good and evil, the evil being the acts of individuals."

Sure, saying that Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups which represent all Muslims as much as Eric Rudolph represents all Christians (which is to say, not at all) are "after us because we are a Christian nation" is not "seeing it as a battle between religions." And I'm Elvis Presley.

Of course, this fits in perfectly with Bush's pattern of sending up extremist, way-beyond-the-pale nominees, and then blaming even a microsecond delay in their (usually nearly unanimous - thanks co-dependent Dems!) confirmation on "partisan politics."

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