JABbering Stooge

Thursday, March 24, 2005

When Politics and College Basketball Collide...

Normally, I leave commentary on sports news to my brother, but there is one story out of the sports world that deserves my attention.

I'm sure Mullah Jerry Falwell is creaming his pants over his Liberty University Lady Flames' Cinderella storyin the Women's NCAA tournament. While their 78-70 win over fourth-seed Penn State was a shocker, their latest conquest of fifth-seed DePaul by the score of 88-79 should come as no surprise, given DePaul's lackluster 79-78 victory over 12th-seed Virginia Tech. However, if LSU's dominance of the Chattanooga bracket continues, I suspect that Liberty University's luck will (thankfully) run out on Saturday.

Fortunately, the other theocratic fascist university in the tournament, Oral Roberts, had the decency to bow out in the first round.

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