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Friday, March 04, 2005

Upcoming editorial series on Gannongate

Note: This is the first part of a two part editorial series on the whole Jeff Gannon/James Guckert scandal. I plan to submit it in as many places as I can.

The “Liberal” Media Doesn’t Get It (Part 1)

If there was ever a story that ought to put to rest the lie that the media has a liberal bias, it ought to be the ever-evolving story about Jeff Gannon. A male prostitute with fake journalism credentials and tax evasion problems is allowed to get within knife-throwing distance of a sitting president and ask softball questions that have nothing to do with honest journalism and everything to do with naked partisanship. Under any other circumstances, given the media environment of “news as entertainment,” this has all the makings of a juicy story worthy of at least a modicum of coverage – a sex scandal, a national security element ripe for fear mongering, and indications of illegal activity by the executive branch.

Instead, what we get is more in line with “did those evil liberal bloggers violate Jeff Gannon/James Guckert’s privacy?” as the story is quickly buried on page Z 269. That at least was the message when Gannon/Guckert appeared on the February 10 edition of Wolf Blitzer Reports – Blitzer acted more like a guidance councilor comforting Gannon from “those mean, nasty liberals” than a journalist seeking the truth.

Question: Where was Wolf Blitzer’s comfort for the Chuy’s manager who carded Jenna and Barbara Bush when members of FreeRepublic.com posted her contact information for harassment purposes?

Howard Kurtz, ever eager to cover up blatant examples of pro-Republican bias in the media, declared that it is very easy to get a daily press pass – you just have to show that you are a credentialed member of a valid media outlet that regularly publishes news items. I’d love to hear Kurtz explain how Gannon was able to get a press pass a month before “Talon News,” which Gannon supposedly wrote for, even existed, especially given that Helen Thomas has been ostracized for asking tough questions and Sara McClendon was denied access for three months in 2001, also for asking hard questions.

Most recently, Democrats in Congress in a rare show of backbone, introduced a Resolution of Inquiry regarding Gannongate, yet not a peep is heard about it on NBC, CBS or anywhere. Apparently, the media has decided that you’d rather hear about what a sick, twisted pervert Michael Jackson is.

And l’affair Gannon isn’t the only place where the media has done everything in its power to protect President Bush. Gannon apparently had access to a secret CIA memo involving Valerie Plame – the same Valerie Plame who Robert Novak illegally outed as a CIA agent. Yet the “liberal” media is silent on the issue – Dan Rather’s sloppily researched story on Bush’s National Guard service received far more attention than the Plame outing.

Imagine if you will all of the above happening under a Democratic president – a fake journalist is given unprecedented and potentially felonious access to the White House, asking softball questions that ridicule the opposition and leaking secret memos to friendly pundits. The “liberal” media would jump on the story like a pack of dogs on a three-legged cat, and the Democrat’s presidency would collapse like a house of cards.

When you connect these dots, its clear that the media is actively manipulating what you see and hear in order to promote the idea that Republicans are infallible – its those evil Democrats who need watching. And the worst thing is, they’re getting played for suckers, as I will detail in my next editorial.

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