JABbering Stooge

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Opening Bell

Howdy everyone. Welcome to the JABbering Stooge weblog. As the description says, I'm just one lone shmuck mouthing off about the world around me, but maybe something good will come out of all this.

For starters, I'd like to discuss the direction and focus of this blog. While I see it as an opportunity to experiment with stream-of-conciousness style writing, I fully intend on devoting a large portion of my commentary to politics, particularly as they pertain to the growing threat of theocratic fascism that's developed in this country. Through it all, you'll learn about the foibles of a struggling computer scientist trying to find his blue-stater way through his native Texas, the reddest of the red states. We'll laugh, you'll cry, I'll kiss five bucks goodbye, and in the end we will all learn something from it (I hope!).

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