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Monday, February 28, 2005

Speaking of lawsuits...

Does anyone think that NHK (One of the major Japanese television studios) might sue the producers of esuvee.com over copyright infringement due to the similarity between NHK's "Domo-kun" and the animal/beast that "personifies" the SUV?

For comparison, Domo-kun looks like this:

while the "esuvee" is captured in this image:

Or am I the only one who sees the similarity?

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TRMPAC being sued...

So last night I was driving over to a friend's house after I got off of work, when I just happened to hear a report on KLBJ (I think the "LBJ" stands for Liberal-Bashing Jingoists - they syndicate the Oxycontin Junkie, Laura the Unloved, and Neal "High Priest of the Church of Agitprop" Boortz) that said that four of the state-level Democrats who were defeated in the 2002 midterm elections are suing the Texans for a Republican Majority PAC for illegal use of corporate campaign cash.

Forgive me for my ignorance, but why did it take KLBJ (and the ABC news wire that they get their feed from) this long to report it? The Austin Chronicle mentioned this bit of news in its January 7, 2005 edition. Surely they couldn't have just been sitting on this news and waiting for an opportune time to release it (say when no one was watching)?

Edit: For some good reporting on TRMPAC and other Texas political scandals, go to Clean Up Texas Politics.

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Faux News vs. Hollywood

FAUX News is at it again. This time the blatantly pro-Republican news organization has released a poll purporting to claim that "there is widespread agreement that Hollywood is out of touch with Americans" - to the tune that seven out of ten Americans think that Tinseltown doesn't "share their values."

I bring this up because I heard it mentioned on KLBJ's morning drive show, where one of the commentators, former APD Sergeant Sam Cox, suggested that the average gross of films these days was down and that this might have something to do with it, bringing up the example of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."

Now, assuming for the sake of argument that a) Fox hasn't been oversampling Republicans the way Gallup tends to, and b) that today's films low box office grosses are indeed a result of the feelings represented in this poll and not simply a reflection of Hollywood following the RIAA's example of mass-producing formulaic derivitives of proven successes, what would satisfy these hypothetical Americans? Movies about "heroic Christians" bombing "Satanic" abortion clinics or butchering suspected homosexuals? Flicks featuring Muslims being stuffed into the ovens of our own Auschwitz as flag-fondling "patriots" leer at them? What?

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We're not in Kansas anymore,Toto...oh,wait...

According to CNN's web site, Kansas' Attorney General Phill Kline obtained permission last October from state District Judge Richard Anderson to plumb the medical records and sexual histories of abortion clinic patients who are either under 16 or who had abortions after 22 weeks (which is illegal in Kansas). Two of the clinics involved are appealing to the state supreme court in an effort to block this apparent fishing expedition - a tactic that has already been tried by former U.S. Attorney General John "Lost to a Dead Man" Ashcroft. The new spin line that Kline is trotting out is that this intrusion into women's medical privacy is necessary to "prosecute child rape and other crimes in order to protect Kansas children."

Question: If Kline is being true to his word, why isn't he pursuing less intrusive methods to get the same job done? For that matter, why isn't he pushing law enforcement to be more responsive to reports of statutory rape?

Follow-up: If Kline, who according to the state's Attorney General web site is a member of the Republican Attorneys General Association, has ulterior motives, how long will it be before he leaks the names and locations of the clinics in question to terrorist organizations such as the Army of God and Operation Rescue, if he hasn't already?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Because every OS sucks...

Okay, so this post won't be ranting about how the "Librul" Media is ignoring Gannongate, focusing instead on how those mean "librul bloggers" are "violating Gannon/Guckert's privacy," or how David Horowitz is trying to quash intellectual diversity on college campuses (apparently, Horowitz wants only pro-Republican goodfacts taught in our institutes of higher learning). There will be plenty of time to discuss those issues later.

Instead,I would like to point you in the direction of a site that my Data Structures professor pointed the class towards last semester. I'm sure the computer nerds in the crowd (all two of them) will be able to get a few grins out of it. So enjoy hearing about how "Every OS Sucks."

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Opening Bell

Howdy everyone. Welcome to the JABbering Stooge weblog. As the description says, I'm just one lone shmuck mouthing off about the world around me, but maybe something good will come out of all this.

For starters, I'd like to discuss the direction and focus of this blog. While I see it as an opportunity to experiment with stream-of-conciousness style writing, I fully intend on devoting a large portion of my commentary to politics, particularly as they pertain to the growing threat of theocratic fascism that's developed in this country. Through it all, you'll learn about the foibles of a struggling computer scientist trying to find his blue-stater way through his native Texas, the reddest of the red states. We'll laugh, you'll cry, I'll kiss five bucks goodbye, and in the end we will all learn something from it (I hope!).

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